Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dave Holland's Aziza [TomP] Jazz Happening Tampere, Finland 2016-11-06 mp2>flac

BBC Jazz Now Live 323k HLS m3u8 stream > i-Sound (44.1k wav) with 10-20sec patches from...
BBC Jazz Now Listen Again 320k AAC stream > i-Sound  (44.1k wav)

Fine Lewojazz art is included - thanks !!
Thanks to PsyKies for help to set up to record the best quality BBC stream

Quality: EX

This is my first recording using the higher quality BBC HLS stream that PsyKies pointed me
to and it is a slight but definitely welcome sonic improvement. It has a welcome length of
the broadcast dedicated to it, although it looks like there is more of the program yet to
be broadcast, so do Email jazznow@bbc.co.uk to ask for some 'Missing Bits' programs to give
us the rest of this (plus their Carla Bley and their Liberation Music Orchestra recordings).

TomP post on Dime, Nov.2016...Enjoy !!

01 - Aziza Dance 16:34 (Lionel Loueke) >
02 - Walking the Walk 16:02 (Dave Holland) >
03 - Blue Sufi 14:30 (Chris Potter) >
04 - Friends 15:31 (Eric Harland)
05 - Sleepless Night 10:08 (Lionel Loueke)

Total = 72:45

Edit details (Nero 8 unless indicated):
Overall volume +9dB
Removed all announcer
Patched the tranmission gaps with the Listen Again stream
Cross-mixed channels, 99:1 ratio
Reduced Band Intro level by -2dB
Reduced applause levels by -1 to -2dB
Increased Music level by +1dB


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